Interview with Mr. Nazmiev, First World Champion under 90 kg

My name is Nural Nazmiev.

I am the first Combat Wrestling World Champion under 90 kg.

I first started with Freestyle Wrestling in my hometown Razgrad, Bulgaria, a city famous as a wrestling stronghold. There, I trained under coach Hasan Isaev, Olympic and World wrestling champion.

I went to the a sport school in Razgrad, later on in CSKA sport school , where I was drafted to the national wrestling team. After that, I went to study in US for 4 years. I kept competing during all those years, winning medals in club, regional, national and international competitions.

For me, Combat Wrestling comes as natural extension of Olympic Wrestling, so the transition was easy for me. I started last year and so far I have competed in several national competitions, before I entered the 1st World Championship, where I also won the gold medal.

Rule set gives a chance to every grappling style, so I see it as very fair.

The championship in Varna went very smooth, the level was very high and I wish the federation good luck with its future development. It would be great if the competition is aired live on TV next year.

I think a lot of famous grapplers and wrestlers will be attracted to Combat Wrestling in near future and I cannot wait to prove my self again against them!



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