CW Asian Championships 2017 (Results)

On August 13th 2017 in Osaka, JAPAN was held the 2nd Asian Championships of Combat Wrestling.

Participants from Japan, Korea, Australia, Philippines, USA, Canada, UK, Brazil and Mexico fought to claim the titles in each category.

Teams from Pakistan, Uzbekistan and India had to forfeit participation, due to visa difficulties, with the agreement to send full teams to the World Championships in Honjo, JAPAN this October.

Official team results from the Asian Championships 2017:

  1.  Japan
  2.  Brazil
  3.  Canada

In 4th place came Australia with medals in Masters +100kg and Women divisions, with historical first participation in Combat Wrestling championships.

Brazil placed 2nd with 3 participants, winning 3 gold medals. Brazil representative is currently preparing a full team for the Worlds this year.


Individual results:


  1. Tanimura Taiga   JPN
  2. Nasu Masato   JPN
  3. Inoue Tenma   JPN


  1. Cristiane Ichikawa   BRA
  2. Jacquie Beckett   AUS

Masters 74 kg

  1. Bito Hiromitsu   JPN
  2. Moriya Naoki   JPN
  3. Nishizawa Takahisa   JPN

Masters 100 kg

  1. Nakanishi Masanori   JPN
  2. Shinkawa Takeshi   JPN
  3. Kinoshita Tooru   JPN

Masters +100 kg

  1. Sakai Shuichi   JPN
  2. Anthony Matthews   AUS
  3. Sam Gordon   USA

Men 62 kg

  1. Murakami Takamasa   JPN
  2. Tsuboichi Kazumasa   JPN
  3. Ando Tsutomu   JPN

Men 68 kg

  1. Fernando Imafuku   BRA
  2. Bito Hiromitsu   JPN
  3. Moriya Naoki   JPN

Men 74 kg

  1. Henri Kakiuti   BRA
  2. Takeuchi Masashi   JPN
  3. Sanaka Kenji   JPN

Men 82 kg

  1. Ray Scott   CAN
  2. Nakanishi Masanari   JPN
  3. Kawamura Kazuki   JPN

Men 90 kg

  1. Oda Takahisa   JPN
  2. Sasaki Taichi   JPN
  3. Colter Randel   CAN

Men +100 kg

  1. Nishimura Katana   JPN
  2. Sam Gordon   USA

Two open weight categories championships were held as well.

Masters Open

  1. Ando Tsutomu   JPN
  2. Shinkawa Takeshi   JPN
  3. Sam Gordon   USA

Men Open

  1. Oda Takahisa   JPN
  2. Sasaki Taichi   JPN
  3. Nishimura Katana   JPN

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Full video and more photos from the event coming soon!

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