1st World Championship Results

This Saturday, August 22nd, in Varna, Bulgaria was held FICW’s 1st World Championship!

On the mats of Spartak Stadium, the finest grapplers of Japan, UK, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Malta, Belarus and Spain met and locked horns under the rule set of Combat Wrestling, for the first time in the history!

The crowd witnessed very high level of diverse grappling styles.

There were European, World and national champions of Freestyle and Greko wrestling, Sambo, Judo, BJJ, FILA Grappling and etc.

Sportsmanship was on par with the wrestlers level- there was only one accident, resulting in minor injury.

After a fierce competition, here are the first world medalists in Combat Wrestling:


+100 kg

  1. Tomoyuki Oka (JPN)
  2. Milan Vrbic (SRB)
  3. Preslav Kulekov (BUL)

-100 kg

  1. Kamen Georgiev (BUL)
  2. Ivan Vicic (SRB)
  3. Kevin Sniff (USA)

-90 kg

  1. Nural Nazmiev (BUL)
  2. Anthony Sansonetty (USA)
  3. Luka Breberina (SRB)

-82 kg

  1. Boris Velichkov (BUL)
  2. Joseph Abela (MLT)
  3. Morgan Bracken (USA)

-74 kg

  1. Matthew Kaiser (CAN)
  2. Roli Delgado (USA)
  3. Lewis Dunn (GBR)

-68 kg

  1. Denny Lenormand (USA)
  2. Ryota Kodama (JPN)
  3. Boris Tonev (BUL)

-62 kg

  1. Sadahito Niimura (JPN)
  2. Stanislav Dimitrov (BUL)
  3. Enrico Manicaro (MLT)

Youth A:

  1. Ivaylo Manolov (BUL)
  2. Paul Rogers (GBR)
  3. Zen Yoshizawa (JPN)

Youth B:

  1. Zen Yoshizawa (JPN)



  1. Emily Crawford (GBR) and Lubov Galabova (BUL)

Video of the entire event will be released next week. Until then, you can enjoy some of the photos:


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