1st European Championship 2016 Results

November 26th in Sofia, Bulgaria was held the 1st European Championship as a part of a big international martial arts festival.

The Combat Wrestling Euro witnessed participation from a few new countries, including Greece and FICW newest member, Romania, who came with a big squad, winning second place as a Team, after Bulgaria.

Following are the results. Photos and video to be uploaded soon.


Men 68 kg

  1. Diyan Shkodrov           BUL
  2. Viktor Pavlov                BUL
  3. Nikolay Ivanov             BUL

Men 74 kg

  1. Veselin Dukov              BUL
  2. Viktor Pavlov                BUL
  3. Krasimir Kirov              MAL

Men 82 kg

  1. Viatseslav Karypidis         GRE
  2. Suleapa Florin                  ROM
  3. Antonio Grozev                BUL

Men 90 kg

  1. Angel Karaivanov                        BUL
  2. Gheorghe Alexandru- Eugen    ROM
  3. Valentin Timov                            BUL

Men 100 kg

  1. Georgi Georgiev            BUL
  2. Ivan Chilikov                   BUL
  3. Yavor Ninov                    BUL

Men +100 kg

  1. Preslav Kulekov             BUL
  2. Piotr Chojnacki              ENG
  3. Tambrea Robert            ROM


Women 56 kg

  1. Boumpoula Paraskevi       GRE
  2. Kamenitsa Christina          GRE
  3. Dayana Stoyanova             BUL


Youths 68 kg

  1. Deyan Ivanov            BUL
  2. Todor Mihaylov        BUL
  3. Yanis Lambov           BUL

Youths 74 kg

  1. Teodor Mihaylov           BUL
  2. Slav Slavov                     BUL
  3. Cvetelin Cvetomirov     BUL


Masters 90 kg

  1. Suleapa Florin                 ROM
  2. Adam Aaron Lindop       ENG

Masters +100 kg

  1. Piotr Chojnacki            ENG
  2. Vlad Dimitru Catalin    ROM
  3. Nistor Gheorghe          ROM
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