2nd Combat Wrestling Worlds open for individual registration

The 2nd Combat Wrestling World Championship is now open for registration!

Every athlete or a team from countries, not affiliated with FICW, can now fill in the form and forward it to globalhq@combatwrestling.org for individual participation.

Deadline for registration is 15th of September 2016.

Click here to download the form:


1st Asian Championship Results


Last weekend, on 14th of August in Silk Dome, Honjo city, Saitama prefecture, JAPAN, was held the 1st Asian Combat Wrestling Championship.

FICW representative for Asia and head of Combat Wrestling Japan, Mr. Masa Yoshizawa, was the man behind the perfect organization of the tournament and the support of the city and prefecture government and entrepreneurs.

The event was honored by the mayor of Honjo City, Mr. Shinge Yoshida, Prefectural Assembly deputies Mr. Shinya Kobayashi, Mr. Toshiyaki Iizuka, City Council member Takashi Tomoe, Combat Wrestling founder Noriaki Kiguchi, FICW founder and president Ivaylo Ivanov, who all greeted the competitors and the public, addressing speeches.


Competitors from 6 countries participated in the Combat Wrestling Championship of Asia:

Japan, Korea, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Brazil, USA

The event was presided by referee officials from Japan, Bulgaria and Iran.

Total of 62 competitors grappled for the medals.



1st Academia AZ, JAPAN

2nd Cool Champ, JAPAN

3rd Nexusense, JAPAN

4th Joshua Gym, KOREA

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CW Hungary Team Trials 2016

Ahead of the 2nd Combat Wrestling World Championship (15th- 16th of October) in Tamasi, Hungary, last weekend our representative in Hungary, Gabor Szots, organized the Combat Wrestling national team trials.

For the first time in the history of the sport, participants were youths, veterans and adults (men and women).

Here is the full list of the medalists:

Combat Wrestling Hungary Team Trials 2016 Results

2009-2010 Boys 25kg  x8

1.Kiss Keve

2.Sipos Barnabas

2007-2008  Girls 30kg  

1.Nyirati Anna

2.Lengyel Pannax3

2005-2006 Boys 35kg 

1.Nyirati Csongor

2.Korosi Kristof

3.Takacs Botond

3.Gayer Benedek

2004-2006 Boys 40kgx7

1.Kovary-Szots Jonas

2.Balo Bertalan

2004-2005  Boys 35kg

1.Orsos Zsolt

2.Grosch Levente


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1st Asian Open Championship Registration

JCWCCombat Wrestling 1st Asian Open Championship is now open for registration!

The 1st Asian Championships of Combat Wrestling.
13-14 AUG 2016 in Honjo-city, Saitama, Japan.

Open tournament for all age, gender wrestlers from Asia, residents and FICW registered competitors.
Senior (M/F), Master(M), Youth(M), Cadet(M)

To all participants, please make sure you fill in and send the registration form as soon as possible: